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What’s This Green Stuff on My Siding?

Green stuff on siding

A Look at Your Exterior, from Apex Mobile Pressure Washing Winter brings a blanket of snow, transforming our neighborhoods into glistening wonderlands. Amidst this snowy backdrop, you might have noticed something unsightly standing out against the pristine white canvas. It is a mysterious green buildup on the siding of your home or business. What is […]

Differences Between Algae and Mold


We’re Skilled at Removing Algae and Mold at Apex Mobile Pressure Washing We’ve talked a lot about the differences between algae and mold over the past year. That’s because the technicians at Apex Mobile Pressure Washing are skilled at removing both from commercial and residential properties. If you haven’t read our August blog or February […]

Top Three Benefits of Commercial Power Washing


Businesses Trust Apex Mobile Pressure Washing to Clean Their Properties There are several benefits of commercial power washing. We should know; we’ve provided Maine companies with power washing for many years. When you hire Apex Mobile Pressure Washing to power wash your business property, you enhance the property’s curb appeal. Power washing also increases your […]

Apex Mobile Pressure Washing Describes Common Growth on Siding


If You’re Asking, “What Am I Seeing on My Siding?”, We Have the Answer This month, Apex Mobile Pressure Washing describes common growth on siding. You’ve probably looked at your home or business sometimes and wondered what’s growing on it. At Apex Mobile Pressure Washing, we know a thing or two about what grows on […]

Property Surfaces Safe to Power Wash


For Professional Power Washing, Contact Apex Mobile Pressure Washing Our topic this month focuses on property surfaces safe to power wash. Our December blog explained that power washing equipment uses hot water and operates between 2,000 to 2,800 PSI. (PSI is short for pounds per square inch.) Because of this high pressure, you shouldn’t have […]

How to Improve Curb Appeal on a Budget


Curb Appeal is Your First Chance to Impress Visitors and Buyers There are several ways that you can improve curb appeal on a budget. When your house has noticeable curb appeal, visitors are impressed, not to mention potential buyers (if you’re planning to sell.) You don’t have to break the bank, though, to improve your […]

Getting Your Deck Ready for Summer


Warm Weather Invites Everyone to Gather on Their Decks Before you know it, you’ll want to start getting your deck ready for summer. There’s nothing like warm weather that makes spending time on the deck enjoyable. To help you get the most out of the time you’re planning to spend outside, you’ll want to: Power […]

Tips for Improving Your Patio


Patios Can Be Wonderful Spaces to Entertain and Relax We’re sharing tips for improving your patio this month. When the weather soon starts warming, your patio can be a wonderful space to entertain and relax. Unless, of course, that patio needs serious cleaning or sprucing up! You don’t have to spend lots of time and […]

Best Way to Wash Brick Houses


Apex Mobile Pressure Washing Wants Your Brick House to Look Nice Are you asking yourself, “What is the best way to wash brick houses?” Apex Mobile Pressure Washing has the answer. How your brick house or business structure looks on the outside can either invite or avert visitors. If the house is covered in algae […]

Explaining Roof Streaks


What Causes Roof Streaks, or Gloeocapsa Magma? Ask Apex Mobile Pressure Washing Roof streaks, also known as gloeocapsa magma, can be a problem for residential and commercial properties. Have you noticed black streaks on your roof’s asphalt shingles? You’ve probably concluded that it’s just a build-up of dirt and grime. However, streaks like these are […]