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Apex Mobile Pressure Washing Describes Common Growth on Siding

If You’re Asking, “What Am I Seeing on My Siding?”, We Have the Answer

This month, Apex Mobile Pressure Washing describes common growth on siding. You’ve probably looked at your home or business sometimes and wondered what’s growing on it. At Apex Mobile Pressure Washing, we know a thing or two about what grows on – and how to clean – siding. Siding that isn’t regularly soft, pressure, or power washed often has a combination of:


  • Moss,
  • Algae,
  • Mold, or
  • Mildew



Moss Evolved from Algae; Both are Green and Lack Roots

More than likely, moss evolved from algae; both have a green pigment. Algae possess pigments such as chlorophyll but don’t have roots, stems, and leaves. Moss is a small, flowerless, green plant, which also lacks roots. Algae grows in excessively wet environments, and moss grows in moist, shady areas. If left unattended on your siding, algae and moss can grow up the pitch of the roof. This can eventually cause shingles to lift or curl.



Mold and Mildew Aren’t the Same Thing

People tend to use the terms “mold” and “mildew” interchangeably. However, mold and mildew aren’t the same thing. They differ in appearance and potential health risks. A specific type of fungus, mildew is gray, white or light brown, is powdery, and usually lays flat on moist surfaces. Mildew has a distinct, foul odor and can cause respiratory issues such as coughing fits, but nothing terribly serious. Mold is fuzzy and raised in appearance and has a strong, musty smell in unaired spaces. Unlike mildew, mold produces allergens that can trigger asthma attacks, produce potent toxins, or, at the very least, allergic reactions. Besides making your house occupants sick, mold and mildew can stain your siding and lead to structural damage.



Apex Mobile Pressure Washing can remove moss, algae, mildew, and mold from your siding and other areas. Call us at (207) 692-7597 to schedule services and follow us on Facebook for more information. Apex Mobile Pressure Washing describes common growth on siding for our clients.