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Tips for Improving Your Patio

Patios Can Be Wonderful Spaces to Entertain and Relax

We’re sharing tips for improving your patio this month. When the weather soon starts warming, your patio can be a wonderful space to entertain and relax. Unless, of course, that patio needs serious cleaning or sprucing up! You don’t have to spend lots of time and money to lavishly improve your patio. Some simple ways to make your patio your go-to space for outdoor gatherings or me-time are:

  • Have Your Patio Pressure Washed
  • Add Comfortable Furniture to Your Patio
  • Decorate Your Patio with Lighting and More


Have Your Patio Pressure Washed by Apex Mobile Pressure Washing

Before you add furniture or lighting to your patio, consider giving it a good pressure washing. Pressure washing it at least once a year can get rid of weeds and the dirt in which they need to grow. This will prevent cracks and ultimately help to extend your patio’s lifespan. Pressure washing also eliminates algae and oil, which can erode your patio’s concrete over time. At Apex Mobile Pressure Washing, we offer residential pressure washing services, plus power and soft washing services, too!


Improving Your Patio by Adding Comfortable Furniture for You and Guests to Enjoy

After Apex Mobile Pressure Washing cleans your patio, consider adding some comfortable, decorative furniture. How you plan to use your patio is the primary determining factor for choosing the furniture you’ll add. If you plan to have family or social gatherings, you’ll probably want a sofa and chairs, plus a dining set. Be sure to get cushions made with polypropylene fabric and metal, cedar, and all-weather wicker furniture pieces. Whatever patio furniture you pick should offer comfort, function, and aesthetics to your outdoor space.


Decorate Your Patio with Lighting and More to Create an Inviting Space

Besides offering a place to sit and visit, patios decorated with lighting, greenery, and more are especially inviting. Overhead lighting, like outdoor pendants or even string lights, works great to create ambient lighting for outdoor enjoyment. With that in mind, you shouldn’t decorate with the same level of lighting outside that you have inside. Going from a well-lit space to a dark one automatically causes the eyes to dilate. Bright lighting can reverse this, making it harder to see when it’s dark outdoors. In addition to lighting, other ways you can decorate your patio include:

  • Plants and Flowers (Greenery)
  • Area Rugs
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Fountain
  • Candles
  • Fire Bowl
  • And More



Apex Mobile Pressure Washing offers pressure, power, and soft washing for patios, walkways, buildings, and more. Call us at (207) 692-7597 and like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date. We are happy to share more tips for improving your patio.