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Top Three Benefits of Commercial Power Washing

Businesses Trust Apex Mobile Pressure Washing to Clean Their Properties

There are several benefits of commercial power washing. We should know; we’ve provided Maine companies with power washing for many years. When you hire Apex Mobile Pressure Washing to power wash your business property, you enhance the property’s curb appeal. Power washing also increases your business property’s overall value. A freshly cleaned property might even encourage new customers to patronize your place of business. Besides these benefits to your business, commercial power washing also:

  • Promotes Safety
  • Instills Good Hygiene
  • Keeps Costs Low


Power Washing Promotes Safety at Your Business

Over time, your business building’s surfaces can accumulate mildew, mold, and other bacteria. As we mentioned in our blog last month, mold and mildew can lead to health issues and structural damage. Power washing your business building and the surrounding property promotes safety by eliminating these potential risks.

If your business has any high-traffic areas, unclean floors can be hazardous; people may slip and fall because of them. Power washing is a safety measure here, too, as doing so cuts down on accidental falls. When you take your employees’ and customers’ safety seriously, your business has a better chance of succeeding.


Instill Good Hygiene at Your Business When You Power Wash

Keeping a clean business property with power washing also instills good hygiene in employees. Hygiene is practicing behaviors that lead to good health and improve cleanliness. When people come to work and notice how clean it is, they’ll consider their own hygiene practices. They’ll probably do frequent hand washing and take measures to prevent tracking in dirt and grime from outside. Employees who practice proper hygiene don’t get sick as often and, therefore, won’t be absent from work.


Power Washing Keeps Maintenance and Other Business Costs Low

The most valuable benefit of power washing your place of business is that doing so keeps costs low. When you regularly power wash your building and surrounding property, it prevents long-term damage that would otherwise cost a lot to repair. Power washing also helps preserve paint and reveal minor problems, both of which save costs in the long run.


Apex Mobile Pressure Washing offers both commercial and residential pressure, power, and soft washing services. Call us at (207) 692-7597 and stay up-to-date when you follow us on Facebook. We’d be glad to describe more benefits of commercial power washing.