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Green stuff on siding

What’s This Green Stuff on My Siding?

A Look at Your Exterior, from Apex Mobile Pressure Washing

Winter brings a blanket of snow, transforming our neighborhoods into glistening wonderlands. Amidst this snowy backdrop, you might have noticed something unsightly standing out against the pristine white canvas. It is a mysterious green buildup on the siding of your home or business. What is this green menace, and how can you bid it farewell?

Firstly, that green stuff you’re seeing is likely algae or mold. It thrives in damp, shaded areas and can attach to various surfaces, including the siding of your home. We discussed the differences between algae and mold last month. Not only is it unsightly, especially against the contrast of fresh snow, but if left unchecked, it can lead to deterioration of your siding material and reduce its lifespan.


How Can You Eliminate Unwelcome Stains on Siding?

Act now! Don’t let algae or mold set up a permanent residence on your siding. While there are DIY solutions available, nothing beats the effectiveness and efficiency of professional pressure washing. Here’s why:

Precision and Power: Professional pressure washing uses high-pressure water jets, ensuring that the green stuff is obliterated without causing any harm to your siding.

  • Safety First: Trying to clean algae or mold by oneself can be dangerous. Slippery surfaces, the use of chemicals, and climbing ladders are potential hazards. Let the pros handle it!
  • Eco-Friendly: Apex Mobile Pressure Washing employs environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. While ensuring your siding is spotless, we also ensure we’re not harming our beautiful planet.
  • Saves Time and Money: Imagine spending your weekend scrubbing away, only to find the algae or mold returning shortly after. Professional pressure washing provides longer-lasting results, saving you both time and the potential cost of frequent cleanings.


Refresh the Look: Remove the Green Stuff on Your Siding

While that green stuff against the stark white snow might give your home an unwanted seasonal accessory, it’s not a permanent fixture. Reach out to Apex Mobile Pressure Washing. We’re here to restore the beauty of your home, ensuring it stands tall and proud amidst the winter’s glow.



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