About Apex Mobile Pressure Washing

Trusted, Experienced Pressure Washing Service

With years of experience under his belt, Apex Mobile Pressure Washing’s owner, Tim Blakeslee, is a trusted professional in communities across the state of Maine. Tim approaches every job with care and professionalism, no matter if the job is commercial or residential. Our team at Apex Mobile Pressure Washing treats every customer as if they were our friend or family, and we take special care to wash everything you ask us to safely, so that nothing gets damaged. To schedule an appointment with Apex Mobile Pressure Washing, contact us today: (207) 692-7597.

Get the Job Done Right with Apex Mobile Pressure Washing

We guarantee a quality pressure washing job every time we arrive on a job site. With professional equipment and the owner on site at every job, our customers know that we mean business. If you are not satisfied with a job that we performed, call us. We promise we will make it right.

Experience Working on Larger Jobs

The team at Apex Mobile Pressure Washing has plenty of experience working with larger companies and larger jobs. We know that when your fleet gets dirty, you want it cleaned properly, and you want it cleaned quickly. Apex Mobile Pressure Washing works efficiently, and we take as little time as possible, so your team can get back to work. No matter what equipment you have, or what needs cleaned, we are more than happy to get the job done for you. Call us to schedule an appointment: (207) 692-7597.